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ABA Toolbox is a comprehensive practice management software system for agencies, schools, and private ABA practices that provide services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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What ABA Providers are saying ...

"After working with a myriad of platforms, ABA Toolbox has proven to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly system! The pre-populated program library and automated systems let clinicians easily generate and individualize goals for their clients."

Casey D. BCBA and ABA Provider since 2013

"I have used many data collection systems and software to collect information and analyze data, but ABA Toolbox has topped them all! It is fast, effective, and so user-friendly. I can’t imagine using any other database to collect and store my data and information."

Cara G. BCBA and ABA Provider since 2017

"I totally love using the graphing on ABA Toolbox – finally got to try it! Makes data collection so much easier!"

Pat D, ABA Therapist since 1993

"ABA Toolbox is an excellent, user-friendly online platform. I use ABA Toolbox in a public-school setting and its versatile, practical format, in addition to its plentiful resources, have been an asset to the program."

Dr. Noelle B. , ABA Supervisor and therapist since 1999

"ABA Toolbox has been simple to implement and is saving us tons of time and paper! Having a portal of programs and being able to request one to be written when needed, has been very helpful. Our staff easily learned how to take and graph data with the help of Leila's training sessions."

Mary D. BCBA since 2016 and ABA provider since 1995


"I love not needing to exchange binders!"

Therapist view

  • Designed for the benefit of the student AND ease of the therapist
  • Integrated current teaching procedures clearly guide next steps, eliminating confusion
  • Session data results are easily graphed
  • Simply record and organize behavior treatment procedures
  • Learner’s profile information is always accessible
  • Calendar & Team Messaging keeps everyone on the same page


ABA Toolbox Coordinator View Planning Modules, Automated Reporting, and Evaluation Tools

"Writing and approvals of our reports are 100Xs faster!"

Coordinator – BCBA view

  • Learner centered - individualized planning modules allow you to view each student’s ABA program in detail
  • See how well your students are progressing
  • Keep each student’s program well-rounded, simply
  • Easily moderate programs and therapists to make sure individualized goals are being met

Reporting made simple

  • Automated reporting saves significant time so your team can focus on your learners
  • Includes medical necessity rationale, meets BACB guidelines
  • Developed in partnership with insurance representatives to reduce denials & prioritize treatments

Comprehensive curriculum

  • Evaluation tool helps to determine meaningful and relevant goals & objectives
  • 1000+ programs spanning 4 vast domains to tailor perfect program for your student
  • Curriculum selection made easy


ABA Toolbox Administrator View Automated Dashboard for Team Management, Collaborations and Communications

"The overview of all learners answers all my questions about treatments and progress with one glance – it’s invaluable!"

Administrator view

  • Our dashboard enables you to view your entire agency, practice, or school to monitor student progress and therapist involvement – All at-a-glance!
  • Team management, collaborations, and communications are greatly enhanced to improve learners’ progress and maintain balanced treatments
  • Integrated decision protocol automatically monitors data and notifies providers to implement new tactics to prevent stagnant data or lapses in treatments
  • Automated due date reminders for progress reports & treatment plans for all learners keeps your team on track and prepared
  • Authorizations from insurance companies are virtually guaranteed with clear, complete & concise reporting
  • Store your learners’ progress reports and treatment plans in one place for easy reference


See how ABA Toolbox makes it easy to create programs for learners and monitor progress automatically.



Comprehensive curriculum of 1000+ ABA programs spans four domains



  • Joint attention
  • Social relationships
  • Family relationships
  • Emotional development
  • Language and communication
  • Attending and social referencing



  • Pre-academic
  • Academic – writing, mathematics, language arts, computer literacy
  • Inclusion



  • Developmentally appropriate play skills for little ones to hobby development as the learner matures
  • Social skills
  • Independent play skills
  • Sports



  • Adaptive and self-care skills
  • Community participation and safety skills
  • Self-regulation & tolerance skills
  • Executive function
  • Reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors
  • Self-advocacy and independence
  • Vocational skills

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