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ABA Toolbox's curriculum is at the forefront of evidence-based education, designed to foster comprehensive skill development in individuals with special needs

Adaptive Curriculum: Tailored for diverse ages and stages, our curriculum evolves on a solid foundation, embracing multi-disciplinary needs.

Research-Based:  Rooted in advanced research, our approach integrates effective tactics for a robust learning experience.

Developmental Alignment: Aligned with developmental cusps and assessments since 1999, our curriculum reflects precision and excellence.

Individualized Options: Customizable for each learner, our options are crafted by multidisciplinary experts for a comprehensive approach.


Verbal Behavior

Language & Communication

Joint Attention

Social Skills

Leisure Skills

Developmental Play

Independent Play

Interactive Play

Sports & Games


Self-Care & Self-Regulation

Community & Safety

Grooming & Hygiene Units

Compliance Skills





  • Filter objectives by age & grade

  • Well defined Pre-requisites 

  • Tactics for each lesson

  • ABLLS-R 

  • AFLS- R


Core Deficit
  • Communication 

  • Social 

  • Behavior

  • Visual tools foster well-rounded treatment

  • Customize Goals

  • Individualize Objectives

  • Plan ahead

  • Review progress trends

Dynamic Approach

Comprehensive ABA Curriculum: 1000+ Programs, Customizable Options

Why Us?

Choose ABA Toolbox for unparalleled excellence, where a user-friendly interface, comprehensive curriculum, and advanced features empower therapists, coordinators, and administrators to provide exceptional interventions.


I am an RBT and have been working with children diagnosed with ASD over 7 years. During my career I have worked with many agencies and have used many different data collection softwares. ABA Toolbox is by far my favorite data collection software. ABA Toolbox is user-friendly & easy to navigate. The treatment plan programs are divided into categories including “Cognitive”, “Leisure Skills”, “Self Management”, “Verbal Behavior”, etc. The software allows users to easily enter data directly online. It also gives users an option to print a Daily Data Sheet and a TA Data Sheet. Users then can collect data manually and enter it online at the end of the session. Session notes (Subjective, Objective , Assessment and Plan of Action) are simple to enter and edit. Graphing data is simple and it is easy to understand. ABA Toolbox also includes a Step Sheet from BCBA under each program explaining the target objectives for the therapist to execute. It has a great user interface. It contains “Icons” with pop-up menus throughout the programs providing additional information and details. I find these features very useful during my sessions. Many softwares I have used lack these useful features.”

Jessica Stein

ABA Therapist

“The customer service is outstanding and the platform is easy to use. Our team loves the new addition of the images library. Parents and administrators frequently comment about the ease of reviewing data for students and love the way the domains are color coded for easy viewing. ABA Toolbox customer service has constantly been available to troubleshoot any difficulties we are experiencing. They have added the image library which has made it easier for our teachers to prep materials fro students.”

Mary D.

BCBA in a Public School

“The comprehensive library of goals that are linked to standardized assessments like the VB-MAPP and ABLLS-R is an essential tool for developing a treatment plan for our clients. Each program is reviewed by a BCBA and includes detailed steps towards mastery. When I began using ABA Toolbox, I needed very little training because it is very easy to use and intuitive. The dashboard is an important feature because it saves valuable time by presenting information like reporting due dates and graph alerts at a glance. The newly added image library is fantastic!”

Laurie B.

ABA Administrator

“ABA Toolbox is an excellent, user-friendly online platform. I use ABA Toolbox in a public-school setting and its’ versatile, practical format in addition to its’ plentiful resources have been an asset to the program.”

Dr. Noelle B.

ABA Supervisor

“I totally ♥️ using the graphing on ABA Toolbox finally got to try it! Makes data collection so much easier!”

Pat D.

ABA Therapist

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