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A Unified Therapeutic Platform






Level Up

One Learner, One Team, One Platform, One Mission


Elevating educational environments with our sophisticated, intuitive solutions, fostering a multi-disciplinary collaborative experience that empowers learners and educators alike.


Our A-Z solution facilitates seamless collaboration across various disciplines, enabling agencies and clinics to deliver exceptional care and achieve outstanding clinical outcomes.


Prepare providers with the tools to set new standards of excellence, leveraging research-driven curriculum and advanced analytic tools to elevate their practice and outcomes.

Tools & Features

Clinical Tools

Robust Curriculum


Team Management

Standardized Assessments

Automated Data Collection

Behavior Planning

Session Tracking

Progress Reporting

Parent Portal

Clinical Benchmarks

Practice Management Tools

Multiple Levels of Automation

Insurance Reporting


Contracts & Authorizations


Macro View of Team & Learner Results


Intuitive & User-Friendly 

We're committed to helping children with special needs achieve their fullest potential by equipping educators and therapists with the latest evidence-based tools for best practices across all life aspects.

A-Z  Features: Our system is meticulously developed with innovative technology, seamlessly integrating multi-disciplinary elements into one cohesive platform for comprehensive support.

User-Friendly Interface: Experience a visually clear and intuitive interface designed to automate treatment enhancement. Our platform prioritizes ease of use.

360° Views: Gain comprehensive oversight of your entire practice, multiple classrooms, centers, and locations simultaneously. Our platform empowers you to monitor and manage every aspect with efficiency.

Elevating Treatment Together: Unlocking Potential through Quality Interventions


Designed to empower therapists, our multi-disciplinary platform fosters your efficacy.  Discover how we automate best practices for every session. 


Our learner-centered applications offer comprehensive tools for tailored treatment planning. Discover features that streamline team collaboration and coordination, enhancing the effectiveness of your interventions.


Improve your organizational management with our intuitive and automated macro views. Enhance your administrative capabilities to scale and streamline operations for optimal efficiency.


Our learner-centered applications offer comprehensive tools for tailored treatment planning. Discover features that streamline team collaboration and coordination, enhancing the effectiveness of your interventions.

Why Us?

Developed by BCBAs for BCBAs, ABA Toolbox extends its commitment to excellence into a multi-disciplinary approach. With user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge data analytics, our platform provides a transformational pathway to elevate your ABA organization across various disciplines.

Why Now?

ABA Toolbox's latest updates and features are designed to help you  meet the demands for excellence in treatment, empowering your team to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of ABA therapy.

Why do Anything?

ABA Toolbox isn't just a tool; it's a platform for positive progress. Our software provides a customizable and efficient system to meet your budgeting needs. Embrace the change, unlock efficiency, and foster growth.


View how we align with you in your dedication to making a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs.

Our Mission

Therapist-crafted, ABA Toolbox reflects excellence in multi-disciplinary therapy. With user-friendly interfaces and advanced analytics, our platform transforms your treatment. 


★★★★★ “I totally ♥️ using the graphing on ABA Toolbox finally got to try it! Makes data collection so much easier!”

ABA Therapist

Pat D.


“ABA Toolbox is an excellent, user-friendly online platform. I use ABA Toolbox in a public-school setting and its’ versatile, practical format in addition to its’ plentiful resources have been an asset to the program.”

BCBA in a Public School

Mary D.


"The comprehensive library of goals that are linked to standardized assessments like the VB-MAPP and ABLLS-R is an essential tool for developing a treatment plan for our clients. Each program is reviewed by a BCBA and includes detailed steps towards mastery. When I began using ABA Toolbox, I needed very little training because it is very easy to use and intuitive. The dashboard is an important feature because it saves valuable time by presenting information like reporting due dates and graph alerts at a glance. The newly added image library is fantastic!"

ABA Administrator

Laurie B.

Unlocking Potential Starts Here

Schedule a demo today & discover how we support you in bringing best practices to every session.

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